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Unlock the Future of Drug Discovery: Watch Our Webinar on Picodroplet Technology

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Unlock the Future of Drug Discovery with Our Latest Webinar

Discover the Power of Picodroplet Technology with Jessica Hall

June 2024

Dive into Single-Cell Analysis with Our Latest Webinar
Are you interested in the drug discovery life cycle and the pivotal role of single-cell analysis? We have an exciting opportunity for you to learn from the best. Our very own Jessica Hall, Field Application Scientist at Sphere Fluidics, was recently featured in Technology Networks’ Teach Me in 10 series delivering a comprehensive and engaging webinar.

Explore the Drug Discovery Lifecycle
In this webinar, Jessica outlines the entire drug discovery lifecycle, emphasizing the crucial role single-cell analysis plays within it. This is your chance to gain a deeper understanding of how each step in the process contributes to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Traditional Methods vs. Picodroplet Technology
Jessica takes you through a detailed comparison between traditional methods and our innovative picodroplet approach. You’ll discover how picodroplets can revolutionize single-cell analysis and screening, making the process more efficient and accurate.

Spotlight on Cyto-Mine®
One of the highlights of the webinar is an in-depth look at Cyto-Mine®, our cutting-edge solution that automates single-cell analysis using picodroplet technology. See firsthand how this innovative tool can transform your lab workflow and accelerate your research in drug discovery.

The Future of Drug Discovery Today
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and see how our technology is shaping the future of drug discovery. Watch the full episode on-demand for free and discover the transformative power of picodroplets in advancing scientific research and innovation.


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About Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics develops and manufactures single cell analysis and monoclonality assurance systems to enable researchers to find, analyze and isolate the most valuable cells, with ease and speed. 

Sphere Fluidics’ proprietary picodroplet microfluidic platforms are designed specifically for single-cell screening and isolation, allowing users to encapsulate and analyze single cells within a picodroplet, while maintaining viability. Harnessing this technology, the Company’s range of novel microfluidic tools facilitate leading-edge research and accelerate biotherapeutic discovery and development, cell therapy, and synthetic biology workflows, streamlining the journey of discovery in labs, globally. 

Sphere Fluidics is based at Granta Park in Cambridgeshire (UK). The Company has also internationalized its business via a global network of distributors. 

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