Pico-Surf® (5% (w/w) in Novec™ 7500)


Pico-Surf® (5% (w/w) in Novec™ 7500)

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Pico-Surf® is a patented range of biocompatible surfactants that are used in a variety of microdroplet and picodroplet applications.

They act to stabilise picodroplets and their cellular or molecular contents. Picodroplets are highly stable over a wide range of temperatures and biological conditions, ensuring reliability and reproducibility.

Pico-Surf® is commonly used in research programs focusing on monoclonal antibody discovery, cell line development, synthetic biology, stem cell engineering, isolation and analysis, single cell genome editing (CRISPR-Cas9), single cell disease research, diagnostics, prognostics and more.

  • Facilitates generation of aqueous solution-in-oil picodroplets for a variety of biological assays.
  • Allows consistent formation and stabilization of picodroplets from 8pl to 700pl (diameter).
  • Animal Origin Free.
  • Manufactured to high quality standards through stringent quality assurance procedures.
  • Ready to use.

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Related applications

Pico-Surf® surfactants are used in a variety of microdroplet and picodroplet applications, including but not limited to:

  • Cell and molecular biology assays
  • Cell growth studies
  • ESI-MS
  • Cell secretion assays
  • Single cell analysis
  • Single cell isolation

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