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Finding High Producing Clones with Monoclonality Assurance

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Streamline Cell Line Development by identifying high-producing clones with monoclonality assurance in one day.

This application note reveals how Cyto-Mine® rapidly isolates high producing clones from highly dynamic populations with a large range of titres. Cyto-Mine® can select clones based on productivity, straight from a transfection pool, and provide monoclonality assurance for each cell.

The integrated picodroplet based microfluidic technology of Cyto-Mine significantly reduces the time from host cell transfection to a cell bank by several weeks, streamlining workflows from multiple resource intensive
instruments into one easy-to-use high-throughput system.

Download now to find out how Cyto-Mine®:

  • Identifies high producing clones from a mixed population.
  • Accurately identifies clonality.
  • Significantly shortens the Cell Line Development workflow by using a single fully integrated