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Celebrating Excellence in Life Sciences
We’re thrilled to announce that Sphere Fluidics has been awarded the prestigious Life Science Company of the Year at the 2024 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. This recognition underscores our commitment to advancing scientific discovery and innovation in the fields of cell development and antibody discovery.

A Night of Innovation and Achievement
The award ceremony, held at the historic Hinxton Hall Conference Centre on the Wellcome Genome Campus, brought together over three hundred leading figures from the Cambridge science and technology community. It was a night of celebration, honoring remarkable achievements across various sectors, from medtech to biotech.

Recognizing Our Groundbreaking Work
As the winners of the Life Science Company of the Year, we were recognized for our groundbreaking work and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in life sciences. Our proprietary picodroplet microfluidic technology continues to revolutionize single-cell analysis and isolation, empowering scientists and researchers to achieve their goals with greater efficiency and accuracy.

At Sphere Fluidics, we understand the intricate and vital work you do in cell development and antibody discovery. This award is not just a testament to our technology but also to our unwavering support for scientists like you. Our flagship product, Cyto-Mine®, is designed to seamlessly integrate into your lab workflows, saving you time and ensuring high-throughput, reliable results.

Discover Our Award-Winning Products
Join us in celebrating this milestone by exploring our innovative solutions that earned us this accolade. Learn more about how Cyto-Mine® and our other products can enhance your research and drive your discoveries forward.

Visit our product page to see how our award-winning technology can transform your lab today.